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Every inch a stand builder

About Eldee Expo Experts

Eldee was founded in 1976 as a family business, which it still is. We have developed into a major international player in the stand building sector. And we are proud of it! With heart for the customer, as it should be.

When we decided to grow the business, we considered it paramount that our customers should continue to feel welcome. This means recognition, appreciation and a personal point of contact. This principle of personal contact ensures we work enthusiastically every day. The personal approach is in our blood and determines our company's identity. Employees with heart for the customer and a high degree of commitment. Employees who work closely with each other in accordance with the motto 'agreed is agreed'. Employees who are passionate about their work and who get a boost from a satisfied customer.

We enjoy offering full service, acting quickly and paying our customer personal attention. We enjoy taking care of everything to do with your participation in an exhibition including: the approval, building request, cables and engineering, decoration, logistics, catering and cleaning. Why? Because it makes you happy. And that drives us... Our motto says it all: 'We will take care of it!'.

Caroline Drost
Managing Director
Eldee Expo Experts
About Eldee
We provide full service. This means that we take care of everything. From design to construction and transport to storage. Eldee Expo Experts is, with over 39 years of experience, a reliable stand construction partner and knows the tricks of the trade.

Our advantages
  • Personal contact persons
  • Production in our facility
  • Urgent delivery possible
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